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Pack your bag

Packing tips from my experience attending many births of what you really need to pack for your hospital stay

Phases of labor

Learn comfort and breathing techniques to stay calm and focused during your labor and birth whether medicated or unmedicated

Cesarean Birth

Learn about planned and unplanned cesarean births as well as choices and options you may have to avoid a cesarean birth

Course Content

This course is available to watch when it's convenient for you! The curriculum is divided into 6 sections with lot's of videos, files and external links to download.

We'll start the course beginning with pregnancy, what to pack and how your body is preparing for birth. You'll get information about birth plans and how to know when you're in labor!

As you move through the course you'll get familiar with the stages of labor and birth. You'll see some amazing video's of birth, (get your tissues out!)

In our next section you'll learn about comfort measures and things we can do to stay as calm and relaxed as we can. I'll teach you some breathing techniques, and show you what a hip squeeze is. (Yes! You'll be actively practicing during this segment)

One of the most popular sections is pain management. You'll learn about epidurals, and other pain management options as well.

What are medical interventions? Learn about monitoring, inductions and breaking the bag of water to mention a few. You will learn about planned and un-planned cesarean births with a video of what to expect in the O.R.

The last section is all about the postpartum period and what to expect right after birth.

I can't wait to share this information with you and prepare you for the birth of your baby!

Class Review

"We completed Jillian's On-Demand child birth course. The On-Demand version was perfect for my husband and I who have busy schedules and couldn't attend the live webinar on the dates offered. We both learned so much in Jillian's course and feel more at-ease going into the labor and delivery process for the first time. Jillian was also incredibly responsive to my follow up questions via email and provided many PDF resources in addition to the videos. I would definitely recommend taking her On-Demand course".

-Danielle Weitzman-

"Knowledge Is Power"

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Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Jillian

I have been teaching prenatal classes since the birth of my daughter 27 years ago! I truly love what I do! Teaching new parents the process of birth and what to expect with their new baby is my passion. 
My first job as a childbirth educator at the YWCA got me interested in supporting people during their labor and births which led me to became a certified Doula a few years later. I've been so lucky to have supported many awesome families through their pregnancies, birth and the immediate postpartum period as they learn all about life with a new baby.

I have taught at several hospitals and currently teach multiple classes for several OBGYN practices, as well as live webinar classes for expectant couples.