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Your Instructor for the All Inclusive Childbirth Class, Newborn Care and Sleep Baby Sleep

Hi, I'm Jillian

I have been teaching prenatal classes since the birth of my daughter 27 years ago! I truly love what I do! Teaching new parents the process of birth and what to expect with their new baby is my passion. I am also a certified sleep consultant and love helping families get good sleep!
My first job as a childbirth educator at the YWCA got me interested in supporting people during their labor and births which led me to became a certified Doula a few years later. I've been so lucky to have supported many awesome families through their pregnancies, birth and the immediate postpartum period as they learn all about life with a new baby.

I have taught at several hospitals and currently teach multiple classes for several OBGYN practices, as well as live webinar classes for expectant couples.

Your instructor for Partner Prep

Hi, I’m Brandi!

I’m a certified doula and pre/postnatal fitness specialist, and I have a Masters degree in Management and Leadership. Since 2017, I’ve had the privilege of providing birth doula services to wonderful families in the Austin area and teaching classes with Austin Childbirth. I’m a wife and mom of three, and I realized my awe and passion for pregnancy and childbirth during my own pregnancies. With my experience during my own births, having had an epidural with my first baby, an induction and un-medicated birth with my second, and an un-induced, un-medicated birth with my third, I understand and appreciate that each pregnancy and birth is unique. I’m passionate about education, and honored to be able to offer support and companionship to women and their partners during one of the most important times in their lives.