Epidural Pain Management

If you are thinking of an Epidural or have already decided on having an Epidural for your labor and birth then this class is for you! We'll cover how an epidural might or might not benefit you.

I highly recommend that you take the All Inclusive Childbirth Class in addition to this class, as it covers so many topics that will be of interest to you! Enroll in the All Inclusive Childbirth Class for a special 50% discount once you complete this class.

Epidural Anesthesia

An Epidural is administered by either an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist. They usually are prompt once you decide you want an epidural

Your "extra boost button"

Did you know that you will have your own boost button that you can push for a little extra boost! Don't worry, you can't give yourself too much!

Getting some rest and Sleep

Once your epidural is working well, you should can get some sleep and rest. You'll be laying over toward one side and will rotate every 30-40 mins.

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